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Deal with stress



Worrying, fussing, being anxious or being in our head.. these are all characteristics of our ever-busier and faster society. Our head is working overtime to keep up with everything, with all its consequences in the long run: stress, fatigue, tension, insecurity, physical and mental complaints.


Today’s society places a lot of importance on the mind. Whether it concerns your performance at school, the way you express yourself or the words you use, the exams you sit or your performance at work, they are mainly the product of our brain. Of course, rationality is crucial for survival, but our feelings also play an important role and have become neglected more and more. 

As a consequence most people are hardly capable of recognising or acknowledging feelings, as we have learned to censor ourselves and hide awkward feelings or rationalise them. Many people experience stress these days, because they can’t ‘turn off’ their thinking anymore! But is there anything we can we do about it?


Thinking and feeling in balace


People who are in balance, are able to control their feelings, think clearly and respond intuitively. They are able to make their emotions part of their lives in a good and healthy manner. 


Today’s society places a lot of importance on the mind. As a consequence feelings have always been far less discussed. The question is therefore: how can we start feeling again?


The training consists of a combination of techniques to experience basic calmness in yourself and strengthen this inner peace on a permanent basis.


But the training offers more. You will learn to become more aware of your body and emotions. By recognising and managing your emotions you will see that they can start working for you and enrich your life.

An impression of the training Deal with stress 


Wat is result?


In this program Deal with stress you will gain a better balance between thinking and feeling, between head and body. Through this training we aim to hand you the tools to achieve that for yourself. 


After this program you will be able to


►       experience a lasting peace in head and body!
►       notice a decrease of physical tension
►       gain insight in how your body responds to stress
►       recognize and interpret emotions and neutralize them
►       use techniques to break tension and create peace 

►       find more inner rest, strength and more self-confidence.

How to start this training


I start this training with a coach

The best results are gained with a coach that can guide you through the program. Each block will be combined with an individual session in which you will receive thorough feedback on your progress. The coach will make you an offer in advance. CONTACT YOUR COACH HERE



I start this training alone

If you don't have the option to do this with a coach, you can benefit from all the strong content. Your personal account on this platform will be open for 12 months. Nevertheless this training requiers some  discipline in order to finish it and profit from the results. ENTER THE WEBSHOP AND ORDER YOUR TRAINING.